New Strangford Ferry

New Strangford Ferry

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Strangford, Strangford Lough




13 November 1975 (first transmission)


03min 43sec










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The launch of the new 'Porta Ferry' by Mr John D Concannon MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, 13th November 1975. The ferry operated across Strangford Lough between the towns of Strangford and Portaferry.


Script from 13/11/1975. Intro: Some good news for the three hundred thousand people who travel the half-mile stretch of water between Strangford and Portaferry. For years there's been calls for an addition to the existing service across Strangford Lough - a service that saves motorists a round trip of fifty miles by land. This report from Richard Ayre. Film: Voice over: There was nothing wrong with the old ferry..except when there was something wrong with it...and then the constant travel across the Lough had to stop. So..enter today - a new ferry...except it's not quite's actually thirteen years old but it's new to Portaferry so that's what they've called it.. Cue at 00:16 An improvement you might think, on the 'Cleddau King' under which name it plied the Welsh coast before a quick conversion job by the Belfast shipyard. SOF at 00:26 Cue in: I have great pleasure... Cue out: the public. Thank you. Voice over: So saying the Environment Minister here, Mr Concannon took the helm off in the direction of Portaferry. He seemed well pleased with the way she handled. SOF at 00:50 It's OK this. Voice over: A warm welcome ashore too, as the Minister mingled with local people and the North Down MP Jim Kilfedder. SOF at 00:53 Cue in: Looking at Jim... Cue out: at 01:26 ...too cold today. Voice over: But the joy of having a spare ferry isn't altogether shared by the man who's spent his life as a pilot on the Lough ..John Rogers. SOF at 01:35. Cue in: I think the ship... Cue out at 03:28..we wouldn't cross. Voice over: The old ferry 'Strangford' remains: but when business is good, or when she goes for her annual health cure, the 'Portaferry' will not be there to keep the flag flying and the pennies rolling in.

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Reporter - Richard Ayre


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