Strangford the Tide of Change

Strangford the Tide of Change

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Donaghadee, Killinchy, Killyleagh, Portaferry, Strangford Lough, White Rock




26min 12sec







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Brian Black presents this nature documentary featuring Strangford Lough and the issues it faces regarding its preservation.

Change has always been "a feature of Strangford Lough", with it's name transitioning from Celtic, to the one it is known as today due to the arrival of the Vikings and though it is now relatively quiet, last century the lough was a centre of commerce. 

Dr Pat Boaden (QUB Marine Biology Station, Portaferry) gives a demonstration to a group of school children about the local wildlife on the edge of Strangford and with "over 2,000" species of marine animal" living there, there is plenty to show. This visual aspect of teaching about the lough is emphasised by Neil Donaldson (Warden, Quoile Nature Reserve) to teachers during a meeting. 

The concluding portion of the programme is where the main point of concern lies. This being the over fishing which has been steadily increasing over the years, as demonstrated when local fishermen on the lough shout over to Black that there is not much to be caught at the moment. Another by-product of over fishing, is that the paint on the boats actually leeches into the water and effects marine life, in this case, oysters, which could end up having a negative effect on the economy of Strangford.  


A UTV Production.

Written and Edited by Brian Black

Director: Anne Ross Muir

Also Featured:
Dr. Bob Brown (Head Warden, Strangford Lough), John Philips (Department of the Environment, Environment Conservation), Bryan Coburn (Down District Council), John McKnight (Ards Borough Council), Diana Harrin (National Trust), Marian Meeks (DOE), George Hawthorn (Marina Architect), Dr. Brian Scott (Salmon Farmer) and Jim Brown (Royal Yachting Association).



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