Prawn Festival Kilkeel & Lord Mayor's Show



Antrim, Belfast, Belfast City Hall, kilkeel, Mourne Mountains





11min 09sec







Digitised as part of Unlocking Film Heritage


British Film Institute, National Museums NI, Tourism NI

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National Museums NI, Northern Ireland Tourist Board

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Visit the legendary island of prawns and meet the King of the Mournes before heading to Belfast for the spectacular Lord Mayor's Parade.

This film was digitised as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage project.


These rushes are amongst a wealth of footage that was generated by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. The Prawn Festival was organised on 15th June 1962 by the Kingdom of Mourne Development Association to generate tourism. The national and international media covered the event, which included traditional dancing by Kilkeel County Secondary Intermediate School and St Columban’s School Magheragh. The ‘King’ receives offerings of typical Mourne produce including strawberries, potatoes, dairy products, block of Mourne granite and fresh prawns. Unfortunately the footage ends before we get to see the 85-year-old ‘King’ on his trusty mare Brownie galloping home through the town with his robes flowing.

Shot List

These entertaining rushes unfold out of sequence. But Archie Gordon ensures there are plenty of laughs to delight the crowd when he is crowned King of the Kingdom of Mourne. Two lads stop at the Giant’s Ring to investigate the Neolithic henge monument. Colourful officials look strangely out of place lounging in large chairs on the lawn of Belfast City Hall as they enjoy the Lord Mayor’s Parade. Before the end its back to Kilkeel to see the ‘King’ nearly tumble into the harbour.


Archie Gordon;  Miss Caruth; Betty Gardiner; Mr Doyle; Joe Doran.



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