Rathlin: The Island Betwixt and Between

Rathlin: The Island Betwixt and Between

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Rathlin Island




16 July 1991 (repeat transmission)


29min 09sec





black and white





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Travelogue on Rathlin Island produced in 1957.


Rathlin island lies 6 miles off Ballycastle in Northeast Ireland and 16 miles from the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland. It is eight miles long and less than one mile wide.

Shot List

00:00 Man, tied to a rope, climbing down a cliff. 01:25 General view of the village, interior of the Anderson’s cottage, woman making breakfast which has been cooked over the fire. McCuiag driving a tractor. 02:45 Mary McColker (?) the district nurse has the only car on the island. 03:26 Men making / mending crayfish pots. Fish hanging up to dry. 04:15 Interior cottage – hearth – oil burner for light, Mrs Anderson cooking soda bread. 04:50 Cattle. 05:16 Church Bay. Men dragging cattle boat down to the water. Tying legs of cattle for transport to the mainland. 07:58 Breaking waves. 08:50 Map describing tides and close up of Rathlin Island. 09:27 View of coast from land and derelict buildings. 10:46 Bill Curry, farmer and his sons. 11:20 School, children arriving in the trailor of a tractor. Exterior and interior of school. 11:58 Jim Curry decided to carry on father’s farm when he left school. Vet inspecting cattle. 12:48 Tony McCuiag’s sheep and sheepdog. 13:49 Close up of sheepdog. 13:46 Cash crops – beans and potatoes. Little boy driving tractor. Mechanisation and intensive farming have changed farming. 14:48 McMullan farm. 15:12 Reforestation scheme. Draining field. 16:02 Marconi radio transmitter. 16:05 Interior post office. 17:05 Boat arriving and unloading. Large crowd gathers. 18:40 Boat motoring out to sea. Lobster fishermen. Pincers of lobsters being tied. 19:32 Lighthouse at Bull Point. Interior. Change of shift. 20:40 Graveyard. 20:51 Library at rectory with Rev Boucher. 21:14 Father Stuart interior of Catholic church. 21:46 children gathering flowers. Girl wearing white dress with veil. Corpus Christi Day. 22:36 Interior. Statue. 22:45 Procession out of church. 23:40 Model boat race. 25:40 Interior pub. Bottles of stout. Close up men chatting. McCuaig’s pub. 26:50 Dance. Music is My Darling Clemantine. Shadows on wall.


Programme written by Sam Hanna Bell with Harry Govan; Photography – Douglas Wolfe; Location Sound – Howard Smith; Orchestral arrangements – David Curry, Edgar Boucher, John Vine; Film Editor – Valerie Best; Resoration – David Dillon; Narrator - Graeme Roberts, Producer – Harry Govan



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