Resolutions: Higher Education - A Waste of Money?

Resolutions: Higher Education - A Waste of Money?

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Transmission 02/02/1998


25min 15sec







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Presenter John Kelly leads a discussion regarding the topic of higher education and asks, " is it just a waste of money?"

In 1997, the government proposed a change to education funding, with grants being replaced by student loans.

Commenting on this proposal is Nigel O'Connor from the National Union of Students (NUS). Whilst recognising that there are no easy solutions, he is opposed to fees, suggesting that students should be encouraged into the system at point of entry. However, he agrees that students do have a contribution to make, whether it be a 'graduate tax' or by paying more national insurance. The observation is made that Northern Ireland offers lower wages and so, whilst people may study here, once graduated many of them leave to work elsewhere in the UK, or Ireland. 

Jill Adrian, a careers advisor from Queens University Belfast, says that research still points to graduates earning more than non-graduates. She observes that what an individual student gets out of a degree is very much dependent on themselves.

After hearing these interviews, students and student representatives, non-students and school goers are asked for their views on the matter. Whilst these opinions vary, it is uniformly agreed that if fees are introduced then that money should be funnelled back into education.




Presented by John Kelly. 

A Brian Waddell Production for UTV.



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