Resolutions: Juvenile Delinquents

Resolutions: Juvenile Delinquents

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Antrim, Belfast




Transmission 23/02/1998


25min 25sec







Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


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Presenter John Kelly leads a discussion around the topic of juvenile delinquency, asking the question, "Should parents pay the price?"

The viewers are introduced to Lindsay Conway, Director of the Rathgael Juvenile Justice Service, who suggests that the question of why these young people are offending needs to be considered. Is it, perhaps, because they have nothing to aspire to?

Various members of the public are asked their opinion, the general consensus being that these young people are being influenced by the company they keep outside the home. Often, these young people come from difficult background, or deprived environments, with the lack of facilities in their areas and other diversions being factors in their delinquency. 

Dr Bill Lochard from the organisation, Extern, introduces the issue of training schools. Despite their high pupil to staff ratio, there is still an incredibly high reoffending rate amongst those who attend such facilities. A possible solution to this high reoffending rate is theto bring the perpetrator of a crime face-to-face with their victim which. Norman McNarry believes that, through this process, delinquents might fully realise the trauma they have inflicted. 

A studio audience representing those involved in this issue, are asked to reflect on the contributor interviews and share their views on just who should be held accountable for juvenile delinquency. A diverse range of opinions are shared, some believing such young people are not punished enough, others suggesting that parents, or even the state, need to impose a curfew. Other topics broached include the lack of respect for the police, diminishing parental authority and the deterrent threat of paramilitaries.



Presented by John Kelly. 

A Waddell Media production for UTV.



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