Saint Patrick's Day Pilgrimage in Downpatrick



Down Cathedral, Downpatrick




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02min 48sec




British Film Institute, National Museums Northern Ireland, Tourism NI

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National Museums Northern Ireland, Tourism NI

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A pilgrimage to sites associated with Saint Patrick.

A flock of pilgrims follow in the steps of  St Patrick from his first church in Saul to his final resting place in Down Cathedral. Before making the pilgrimage from Saul these worshippers have travelled from across Ireland, Africa, Asia, Sweden, America and Cyprus to join the St Patrick’s Day congregation. This footage by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board joins the pilgrims as they reach Downpatrick. A sizeable flock lead by local ministers pass the old gaol and Regency houses on their way through town. The film ends at Down Cathedral where the crowd politely bustle their way inside for a good seat.



The annual St Patrick’s Day pilgrimage was revived the year before this footage. Local ministers of all denominations lead pilgrims on the two mile walk from the church at Saul to Down Cathedral. Known as ‘the cradle of Christianity in Ireland’, Saul is believed to be the site of St Patrick’s first church. Down Cathedral is regarded as the burial place of St Patrick, ‘in Down, three saints one grave do fill, Patrick, Brigid and Columcille’. These rushes are amongst a wealth of footage that was generated by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.



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