Funeral of his Eminence Cardinal Logue at Armagh

Funeral of his Eminence Cardinal Logue at Armagh

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35mm, film, intertitles

black and white


07min 04sec




British Film Institute

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British Film Institute

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The funeral of the Archbishop of Armagh, Cardinal Logue, in Armagh Cathedral on 25th November 1924. Logue refused an invitation to attend the formal opening of the Northern Ireland Parliament two years before and refused to recognise the new regime. His successor, Cardinal McRory, was no better disposed and for long refused to allow Catholic services to be broadcast by the BBC.

Shot List

'Funeral of his Eminence Cardinal Logue at Armagh Tue, Nov 25th, 1924'. 'Armagh Cathedral'. Exterior of Roman Catholic Cathedral. 'Procession of Hierarchy and Clergy'. 'Cortege leaving the Cathedral'. This includes the coffin being carried out and a view of a horse drawn hearse. 'At the grave side'.


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