Samuel Bracegirdle in Belfast

Samuel Bracegirdle in Belfast

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Belfast, Stranmillis College





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Robert Kane

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Robert Kane

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1960s film of Belfast made by Samuel Bracegirdle. He sees sights such as the Grand Opera House and the New Vic cinema.

He visits family graves in Friar's Bush on Stranmillis.


Samuel Bracegirdle was an amateur filmmaker from Belfast, his work dates from the 1950s to the 1970s. Many of his films show his home life and holidays with family and friends. He also took an interest in local history and Unionist heritage. 

The New Vic was originally a variety theatre. It opened in 1907. It was taken over as a cinema in 1931. It was converted into a bingo hall in 1987, and it was demolished in 1998. 

The Grand Opera House opened in 1895, and was designed by Frank Matcham. It was used as a cinema between 1961 and 1972. It was damaged by bombs during the Troubles.

Friar's Bush Graveyard is thought to be Belfast's oldest Christian burial ground. It contains a pit where victims of a cholera epidemic were buried.  


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