Soccer with the lid off

Soccer with the lid off

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01/10/1952 (of event)


02min 11sec





black and white


British Pathe


British Pathé

Rights Holder

British Pathé

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This newsreel shows a fancy dress football game.

Shot List

'Soccer with the lid off' Irish Special - Dublin MV Stage and Press team taking field. General view packed Ground. MV Parade of teams, Noel Purcell carrying huge fountain pen. Close up Purcell with pen. SV Pan. Stage artists carrying huge mallets and wearing massive fur coats followed by another stage artist warming hands against back of fur coat. SV Crowd. SV Noel Purcell now wearing beard sitting in pram barber's chair. SCU Midget, Mickser Reid, sharpening razor. SCU Purcell covered with 'soap' has beard chopped off. He scoops eyeful of soap SV Man dressed as 'King Farouk' arriving. Pan to barrel being rolled. Close up Farouk, pan to bride being disrobed SV Teams posing for picture. SV. Team breaking from group. SV Referee arriving under police escort SV Frank Hopkins (organiser) and Mayor, Alderman A. Clarkin carrying. Ball arriving. SV Mayor throwing ball to start game. MV Packed stand. SV Stage tackling. SV Barricaded goal. Drum of T.N.T. burning in foreground. SV actor dressed as Eamon De Valera arriving and arguing with Governor of Northern Ireland. MV Goal being beseiged T.N.T. blowing up. S.V. Jimmy O'Dea as 'Stalin' arriving. Close up 'Churchill' arriving. SV 'Churchill' and 'Stalin' shaking hands over table as board with 'Yes' on it is lifted. MV Soldiers leaving barricaded goal with hands held aloft accompanied by explosions. SV Game resumes. SV. Crowd. SV. Midget fighting big man in a small ring. Big man stretches arm, holds off midget who swings wildly at nothing. Close up commentator talking into mike. SV Big man landing on back, midget standing on his prostrate body. Game continues. A player fields goalkeeper's clearance and bangs ball into net. Close up Challenge Cup. Close up Lorcan Bourke. Pan to Frank Hopkins. SV. Players leaving field beseiged by autograph hunters. (Orig. Neg.) (Title Scene 'L') Condensed record - may not be in correct order - check with film. Source: British Universities Newsreel Project.


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