Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: Following the Down Team of 1968

Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: Following the Down Team of 1968

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Downpatrick, Dublin






21min 19sec




Super 8



Doubleband Films


Doubleband Films, John Mageean

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John Mageean

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Footage of the All-Ireland-winning Down Gaelic Football team of 1968, incorporating scenes from the semi-final, supporters travelling to watch them, match footage from the final and their return to Downpatrick with the trophy. This is the original unedited footage which was used in the making of the Super 8 Story, 'Down win the All-Ireland in 1968'.


Jim Mageean was working as a motor mechanic when he was making home movies as a hobby with his Cinemax camera. His motivation came from the 'excitement of seeing what I had filmed on a screen and also an attempt to keep my memories of the past alive'. When film cameras were replaced by video Jim did try it out, but only a little, and prefers his memories of watching his 8mm films. 'Especially now that my family are married and have their own children it is great craic. They bring back memories and it leaves me feeling really pleased that I was motivated at the time to buy a Super 8 camera. It is quite something to have the realities of former days to hand'.



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