Spectrum: Fashion

Spectrum: Fashion

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Belfast, Boscos, City Hall, Malone House




Transmission 01/01/1985


30min 54sec







Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

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This episode looks at the art of fashion and asks if there is an Ulster style? This is answered with help from some of Northern Ireland's (NI) leading designers and buyers with input from the everyday man and woman too.

Beginning at the "fashionable end of the market" in Malone House with its tearoom providing a backdrop for a gathering of women who play a major role in the Ulster Fashion Scene. Carol Darling (designer) describes her new 1985 collection which used 100% locally sourced linen that "lends itself very much to our design and our range".

A price comparison between collections and one off's are spoken about with the consensus being that people want something different to wear and that the Belfast shops have limited options and so that's why people go to a designer. Spectrum speaks with Catherine (designer) who has used a luxurious leather for her new collection which is of a very high quality, her clothes she says, is for those who are "extremely sophisticated and chic" but acknowledges that there is only a small market for them in NI.

On street level, and at trendy disco restaurant Bosco, the youth of Belfast are interviewed about how to find your own style with not a lot of money and where the best place to shop is. Venturing out into the town, 'tribal fashion' is explored with the dress markers of Punks and other subcultures explained. However, "what is radical today, ends up being expensive chic tomorrow"!


 This film is comprised of two videotape transfers - files 3310 and 3311 (Spectrum: Fashion part 1 and 2)


A UTV Production.



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