Spectrum: Ireland's Traditional Crafts and James Simmons

Spectrum: Ireland's Traditional Crafts and James Simmons

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Belfast, Cultra, Down Cathedral, Downpatrick, Havelock House, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Ulster Television studios




June 1985 TXM


27min 50sec




1 inch



Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, UTV Archive

Rights Holder


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Presented by Derek Kinnen, this episode of Spectrum provides an insight into Ireland’s traditional crafts and a profile of Ulster poet and songwriter James Simmons. Firstly, Derek introduces a book by Tom Davies called Stained Glass Hours, an illustrated travel book and a religious work at the same time. The book describes the experience of Tom Davies on his personal pilgrimage to various holy places around Britain and Ireland. The author is also interviewed by the Down Cathedral where he talks about his career as a journalist and what led him to write this book.

Moving on to the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Jane Coyle explores various traditional crafts from rural Ireland through an exhibition taking place in the museum at the time. The exhibition, entitled Crafted in Ireland, aims to stimulate public interest in traditional crafts and is designed to showcase more than twenty traditional crafts onsite in the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum over a period of time. From fly dresser to white cooper, craftsmen present at the museum talk about their work, traditional methods and change in trends over time. The last part of the programme features a profile of a well-known poet, literary critic and songwriter from L’/Derry, James Simmons (1933–2001).


Presented by Deren Kinnen

Produced and Directed by Bob Brien

Location Camera: Ramsey Nelson and Blane Scott

Location Sound: Jim Henderson and Rai Woods

Picture Editor: Philip White

Production Assistant: Valerie Lamrock

Design: Andy Johnstone



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