Spectrum: Charabanc Theatre Company pt.2

Spectrum: Charabanc Theatre Company pt.2

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Transmission 01/03/1985


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A look at local theatre company, Charabanc with an interview with one of its founders, Janet. 

The company has now been running for two years and come an "awful long way". This is especially impressive as the company started out just to tour the play - Lay up your Ends - for 6 months. However, the play was a success not just in Northern Ireland but also the Republic and by the end of the tour had been seen by 15,000 people.

A benefit concert, held only a few weeks ago, raised nearly £1000 for production and shows the goodwill of the community and how this company has really understood what its audience wants to see. 

With shows already played in Glasgow, the company is setting its sights to Munich, London and Moscow next.


Charabanc Theatre Company was formed in 1983. It was born out of the frustration of five Belfast-based actresses at, not only the lack of work available to women in theatre, but also the quality of what was available. 

The company initially worked as a team to research, improvise and write plays reflecting the experiences of Belfast women, but also branched out to produce new and existing texts of relevance to audiences throughout Ireland. Over the next 10 years the company became one of Ireland's most significant independent companies, producing many award winning shows and touring throughout Ireland and around the world. The group disbanded in 1995.


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