Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: At the Bottom of Our Garden



Belfast, Kings Road





23min 55sec




Super 8



Doubleband Films


Billy McCormick, Doubleband Films

Rights Holder

Billy McCormick

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Sections of this footage were included in the Super 8 Story, 'The Back Garden Train Line'.


“I was interested in photographs and as an active participant in a cycling club this seemed to lend itself to cine photography”, says Billy McCormick a “budding travel agent” at the time he took up the cine habit in the 1950s. With a Bolex Standard 8 camera to record events Billy joined the CPA Camera Club for a short time to improve his skills. Only occasionally did Billy put on shows for the family - “Once a year at Christmas! But I gave shows to church groups and cycling clubs on a small scale before TV was common”. Nowadays Billy isn’t able to watch his films at all. As he jokingly puts it: “The projectors – like myself – are old and worn”. Billy gave up film making when cine began to be replaced by video. “I did not find video as interesting as, at that time, editing was difficult, and so most of my films were around the 1958-84 era”. Sadly, many of these films remain untransferred as Billy says, “I have many thousands of feet and it’s just too expensive to convert”. A keen rail enthusiast Billy has many films relating to trains in Northern Ireland and he looks back on his movie making days happily. “I’m glad to have a record of my children growing up and also to have railway films of the ‘steam age’ of trains”.



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