Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: Carney Hill to Bangor in Three Minutes

Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: Carney Hill to Bangor in Three Minutes

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Bangor, Carney Hill





02min 09sec




Super 8



Doubleband Films


Doubleband Films, Gordon McKnight

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Gordon McKnight

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Sections of this footage were included in the Super 8 Story, 'Carney Hill to Bangor'.


Architect, Gordon McKnight was inspired to take up amateur film making with “the arrival of my second daughter in 1953”. Originally working with Standard 8mm and then moving onto Super 8 when it became available, Gordon had many cameras including the Eumig C3M, a Bolex H8, and a Leicina Super RT1. A member of both the YMCA Cine Club in Belfast and the Donaghadee Camera Club, Gordon was spurred on by the friendly competition of those around him and eventually won the prestigious UK Top 8 competition for a movie he shot on holiday in the Grand Canyon, USA. Gordon’s holiday journeys to destinations around the world acted as the inspiration for many of his films and his memories of viewing his movies include “showing my family and friends films of my latest travels and my children enjoying watching what they called ‘the old movies’”. Although he gave up recording moving images when video arrived on the scene to concentrate on stills photography and his painting Gordon still often enjoys watching his old movies today. “My films are probably my most treasured possessions – memories of my family, my travels, my accomplishments – great times”.

Shot List

Girl writing “A McKnight Film” on blackboard. Children in back of open top car as it leaves driveway of house. Girl who was writing on blackboard runs to the car and climbs in. Film now appears “sped up” as the car turns onto main road and begins driving along. Car overtaking other cars and “speeding” along country road, all shot straight ahead through front windscreen from passenger seat. Car drives through outskirts of Bangor residential area, into Bangor, past Bangor train station and down Bangor Main Street to the seafront before finishing with a “normal speed” shot of the sea front area.



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