Super 8 Stories: The Murphy Family



Donegal, Londonderry, New York





06min 37sec








BBC NI, Billy McCormick, Doubleband Films, Gerald Murphy

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Billy McCormick, Doubleband Films, Gerald Murphy

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The Murphy family from Derry had taken the life-changing decision to emigrate to New York when they grew homesick for their roots and decided to return to Northern Ireland to raise their family, despite the shadow of the Troubles hanging over the country. Combined with their amateur film footage they tell their story of the return to Derry and of summers spent holidaying in Donegal. This clip appeared in Series 3, Programme 2 of 'Super 8 Stories'.

Shot List

Shots around New York harbour. Family playing on beach in Donegal. Various shots of New York skyline and New York streets at night. Children playing on bikes and in toy cars in front of house in Derry. Mix of various shots of kids in garden and children waving to camera from skylight in roof. Bomb damage to building in Derry and army on the streets. Family standing on country road, diving into water and paddling by the sea. Children being wheeled in wheelbarrow, holding up fish and playing football. Children sliding down grassy sand dunes and playing in the sea again. Children with dog on roof of car.


Narrator: Maire Jones; Programme Accountant: Anne Hegarty; Production Assistant: Gillian Halliday; Camera: Michael Quinn; Sound: Paul Maynes; Music Consultants: Jim Meredith, Ralph McLean; Graphics: Alan Perry; Dubbing: One Zero Zero; Researcher: Ben Price; Archivist: Evan Marshall; Assistant Producer: Jenny Waugh; Editors: Sharon McCourt, Paul Devlin; Executive Producers: Alex Johnston, Michael Hewitt; Producer: Diarmuid Lavery; Director: Brian Henry Martin



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