Super 8 Stories: USA Road Trip



Crawfordsburn, Grand Canyon, San Francisco





05min 15sec



Super 8





BBC NI, Doubleband Films, Geoff Hewitt

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Doubleband Films, Geoff Hewitt

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Newlyweds Geoff and Irene Hewitt bravely decided to take time out from their lives in Northern Ireland during the 1980s and tour the world on motorbike. They managed to record on film the American leg of this tour as they rode through Monument Valley, the streets of San Francisco and stopped off to admire the view of the Grand Canyon. Geoff and Irene both share their memories of this life-changing experience and of their ultimate return to Northern Ireland to begin a family. This clip appeared in Series 3, Programme 4 of 'Super 8 Stories'.

Shot List

Bride and groom being showered with confetti and then changed into motorbiking gear and riding off on bike. Shots of motorcyclist on motorway taken from car travelling alongside. Various shots of couple looking over the Grand Canyon, riding motorbike through Monument Vallley and riding through the streets of San Francisco. Lots of shots of riding down very steep streets in San Francisco. Rider appearing over crest of hill with Alcatraz Prison in the background. Couple camping in the mountains and bathing in natural pool. Walking through mountains and preparing food at campsite. Getting hair cut and washing hair at campsite. More mountain trekking. More shots of couple being showered with confetti at wedding. Couple with baby in back garden.


Narrator: Maire Jones; Programme Accountant: Anne Hegarty; Production Assistant: Gillian Halliday; Camera: Michael Quinn; Sound: Paul Maynes; Music Consultants: Jim Meredith, Ralph McLean; Graphics: Alan Perry; Dubbing: One Zero Zero; Online Editor: Jonathan Fetherston; Researcher: Ben Price; Archivist: Evan Marshall; Assistant Producer: Jenny Waugh; Editor: Paul Devlin; Executive Producers: Alex Johnston, Michael Hewitt; Producer: Diarmuid Lavery; Director: Brian Henry Martin



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