Swings and Roundabouts: Deep in the Woods

Swings and Roundabouts: Deep in the Woods

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Tollymore Forest Park




Production 01/06/1986


10min 07sec




Betacam SP



Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, UTV Archive

Rights Holder


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In this episode, Jane and Barney are going to learn a thing or two about wood - where it comes from, how it’s processed and a lot more. Let’s join them on an adventure to Tollymore Forest Park.

Tollymore Forest Park lies at the foot of the Mourne Mountains and has panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the sea at Newcastle. It’s early spring and trees in the forest park are budding. Jane meets Dominic Fitzpatrick, head forester at Tollymore, who points out different varieties of trees and explain which ones are evergreen or deciduous. Mr. Fitzpatrick also explains how one can tell the age of a tree.

Jane and Barney continue on their journey and visit a local sawmill where timber is being sawn. Of course there is a lot more to forests than wood and Tollymore Forest Park has a lot of fun activities to offer. One can follow a forest trail, have a picnic or enjoy horse riding as well as pony trekking.


Presented by Jane Cassidy

Also features Dominic Fitzpatrick 


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