The Longest Decade: Part 1

The Longest Decade: Part 1

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Abercorn restaurant, Anne Street, Ardoyne, Belfast, Belfast City Hall, Bessbrook, Bogside, Botanic, Buskhill, Castlereagh interrogation centre, City Hall, Craigavon Bridge, Crosskeys Inn, Derry, Derry/Londonderry, Devonshire stitching factory, Donegall Street, Dublin, Dublin Road, Duke Street, Dunluce Castle, Europa, Europa hotel, Falls Road, Glen Road, Guildhall, Kashmir Road, La Mon restaurant, Long Kesh, Maze prison, Montgomery Street, Northumberland Street, Oxford Street, Parnell Street, River Foyle, Robert Mitchell & Co., Rossville flats, Saint Teresa's Church Hall, Salvation Army Citadel, Shankill, Shankill Road, Spencer Road, Stormont, Various, Waterside police station, West Belfast, William Street





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This partial documentary looks at the troubles from 1968 - 1978 and its effects on industry.

Shot List

Men thatching cottage and aerial view of Crosskeys Inn. Dunluce Castle helicopter shot. Helicopter shot parliament buildings and Stormont Castle. Civil rights demonstration, Derry. Londonderry Orange parade. Hume, Fitt McAteer and Curry at civil rights demo, Derry, 16/11/1968. Close up of Eddie McAteer at demo. Civil rights demo, Derry, 16/11/1968. Orange Order Counterdemo at Spencer Road with close up of Paisley, Rev Wylie and Bunting, Londonderry, 09/11/1968. HA civil rights crowd and RUC at Craigavon Bridge, Derry, 05/10/1968. Hume with loudhailer (not seen) facing RUC - 'people of Derry demand those rights and will march in protest until they exist in this city', 16/11/1968. Protestant counterdemo with Paisley and bands at the end of Derry bridge, 09/11/1968. HA General view civil rights crowd at Craigavon Bridge, 05/10/1968. Close up RUC Inspector with loudhailer, Waterside station, Londonderry, 16/11/1968. Anti-civil rights demo in Diamond with Paisley - 'Civil rights are Republican front and real enemy of Ulster is the Papacy', 03/01/1969. RUC beat civil rights protestors - McAteer, Curry, Farrell and Cooper - Duke Street, Derry, 05/10/1968. Night petrol bombing and riots - William Street with RUC in riot gear, 13/08/1969. Army patrol drive through Belfast, general view of bomb damage, August 1969 (first troops in Belfast were 3rd Battalion Light Infantry. Women on Falls Road give soldiers cups of tea, 16/09/1969. Civilians being searched by soldiers, 01/11/1970 and beginning of Falls Road curfew, 11/09/1969. Kashmir Road riots, 03/02/1971 (first British soldier killed in modern troubles on the New Lodge Road 2 days after this riot - Gunner Robert Curtis). Exterior general views of parliament buildings including Carson statue, 1960s. New PM Chichester-Clarke walks down steps of Stormont, 01/05/1969 (was PM from 28/04/1969 to 20/03/1971). Brian Faulkner at desk, Stormont, 1971. Aerials of West Belfast housing estates late 1970s. Internment night burning of buildings and lorries, August 1971 (internment without trial was introduced on 09/08/1971 when 342 people were arrested - resulting in 17 deaths and the burning of 150 houses in Belfast. Refugee camps were opened in the Republic. People moving out of burning homes in Ardoyne, 10/08/1971. Catholic evacuees at Irish train station, 11/08/1971. Saint Teresa's church hall refugee centre, Glen Road, 18/08/1971 Aerial of River Foyle, Derry and Guildhall, late 1970s. Civil rights rioters at foot of William Street - 1st battalion entering Bogside - Rossville Flats - Bloody Sunday, 30/01/1972. Burial of Bloody Sunday victims; Abercorn car bombing, 04/03/1972; Donegall Street dustbin bomb (inc stills), 20/03/1972. William Craig and vanguard party protest at city hall (2500 people, 27/03/1972. Protest at Stormont re. loss of security control to London, support for Faulkner, 28/03/1972. William Whitelaw (appointed secretary of state 24/03/1972) in Anne Street, 05/06/1973. Bloody Friday Oxford Street and Botanic bombs 21/07/1972. Claudy bombing 03/07/1972 (poem over stills). Loyalist no go areas. Paramilitaries man barricades, includes Argyle Street 03/07/1972. (New no go areas sprang up after Whitelaw met with IRA in London on 07/07/1972). Loyalist paramilitaries on parade, Shankill Road, July 1972. Army guard Stormont - Fitt, Hume, Currie and Faulkner at first meeting of Northern Ireland Assembly 31/07/1973. Interior of Assembly in prep period - politicians arriving and seated include Fitt, Faulkner, Napier, Cooper and Devlin 02/07/1973. Photocall Northern Ireland Powersharing Executive around Stormont table 31/07/1973 (executive formed 22/11/1973). Paisley and supporters ejected from Assembly 22/01/1974. Ulster Workers Council Strike - men blocking roads, car hijacked in front of army, empty city centre, handing out milk and bread (UWC strike 14/05/1974 - 29/05/1974). Tractorcade at Stormont - rally supporting UWC strike, Craig calls for resignation of Unionists from Powersharing Executive, Close up of Paisley. Good shot of Ulster flag and union jack at Stormont 25/05/1974. IRA with guns training in Eire hills 1974. Protestant paramilitaries training at night in Belfast street 1974. Aftermath Dublin bombings (3 car bombs in Dublin, 1 of them in Parnell Street, kills 25 injures 100. Another bomb in Monaghan kills 6) 17/05/1974. Paisley walking with other members of convention at Stormont (General Election to Convention 01/05/1975. First meeting on 08/05/1975. Convention breaks up 03/03/1976). Miami Showband murders, general views aftermath 31/07/1975. Bessbrook murders (10 Protestant workmen killed) 05/01/1976. Aerial views South Armagh countryside 1970s. Exteriors Castlereagh Interogation Centre 1970s. Exteriors maze prison 1970s. Fire at Maze Prison Long Kesh 15/10/1974. La Mon restaurant bombing and aftermath 17/02/1978. General views of burning furniture store, Montgomery Street and firemen 20/03/1972. Burnt building falling - Devonshire stitching factory, Donegall Road 12.05/1972. Burning of Salvation Army Citadel, Dublin Road 07/12/1971. Europa Hotel interior after explosion - staff clearing up 23/01/1975. HA long shot fire at Robert Mitchell & Co, Northumberland Street, Lower Falls 25/04/1972. Source: UTV database.




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