The Wee Blue Blossom

The Wee Blue Blossom

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05min 37sec





black and white


National Film and Television Archive


Irish Linen Guild

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Irish Linen Guild

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The story of the Irish linen industry from the harvesting, processing, spinning and weaving of the flax to the distribution overseas of the resulting linen. Many people will remember this film from when it was shown before the main feature at the cinema.

Shot List

Pan across hillside at the edge of the sea. 00:26 Small town by shore of sea. 00:31 Three children and goat by a stone wall. Farmer and two dogs on road. 00:44 General view countryside. 00:47 Silhouette of man in field. Pulling and tying flax into beats. Beats put into wetting pond, stones placed on top. 02:03 Interior. Combing and grading fibres. 02:29 Exterior cottage. Handspinning. 02:40 Machine spinning and weaving. 03:19 Hand loom. 03:29 Bleaching woven linen in sun. 03:38 Mechanically rolling linen. 03:50 Embroidery. Hand and machine. 04:09 Three women hand stitching. Home industry. 04:18 Interior Irish Linen Guild Research lab. Inspecting and testing fabric. 04:32 Showing ways in which linen is used - clothes, on planes, tables, tea towels, sheets, fabric.


Produced for The Irish Linen Guild by Publicity Films Ltd; Director - John Anderson; Photography - Walter Blakely.


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