Ulster Mirror. Programme 4

Ulster Mirror. Programme 4

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16mm, film

black and white


14min 34sec





Rights Holder


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A locally made fortnightly magazine programme. This episode includes scenes in Belfast, Prime Minister Brookborough's trip to Australia and trains.

Shot List

00:42 Belfast at midnight. Albert clock showing midnight. City Hall. 01:20 Street scene - crowd on Royal Avenue. View looking down on a man directing traffic, trolleybus and single decker on Donegall Place. Half the road is still cobblestones. Crowds crossing road. 01:59 Pedestrian crossing on Lisburn Road. Installing Belisha beacons and painting crossing lines, inserting cats-eyes. People using crossing at night. School lollipop man with school girls using crossing. 04:13 Irish Prime Minister's visit to Australia. Arrival of SS Himalaya, Lord and Lady Brookborough (Sir Basil Brooke) welcomed, war memorial, meets ex-servicemen, cruiser, chemical works. 06:30 Re-construction of Bailey Bridge over River Dodder, Dublin on GNR Belfast - Dublin line, following flood damage (?). 07:33 Track realignment, compound No 84 with goods wagons crosses, GN on Wagons. 08:05 Map of Northern Ireland - Strabane highlighted. Animation of Londonderry - Strabane narrow gauge Co. Donegal railway line. Strabane station. Class 4A engine Lydia backs into train, coupling up, signal cabin, signal, flag, departure. 09:20 UTA (Ulster Transport Authority) buses (98 - Derry), roadside queues, buses passing Magheramason. 10:12 Train over lattice bridge, views from train of Ballynagory station and Donnemana. Woman opening gate on train tracks. Interiors of station. Harry Govan. Approach Victoria Road Station, Derry. Close up of parts of train - wheels, '17' on door, Crest - County Donegal Railways Joint Committee. Booking office, gas light, desk, time book and ticket rack.


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