Ultimate Ulster: Pubs

Ultimate Ulster: Pubs

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Belfast, Blakes of the Hollow, Botanic Inn, Broughshane, Crown Liquor Saloon, Derry, Donaghadee, Enniskillen, Grace Neills, Harbour Bar, Hillsborough, John Hewitt, Londonderry, Plough Inn, Portrush, Thatch Inn




Transmission 01/07/2007


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In this episode of Ultimate Ulster, presenter Frank Mitchell guides the audience through public's top ten, most popular pubs in Northern Ireland. 

Out of the many choices, the nation's most voted for pub is the iconic 'Crown Liquor Saloon'. Situated in Belfast city centre, it was refurbished in 1885 and owes its dazzling, art deco inspired interior to the Italian craftsmen who agreed to work on it, after they had initially been brought over to Ireland to construct and decorate churches. In 1978, the pub was bought by the National Trust and restored to its original state. Liam Murray and Michael Cosgrove gave testimonials, explaining why they voted for The Crown.

Next up, 'Robinsons'. Opened in 1895 in Belfast - and housing five different venues under the one roof - Robinsons offers something for everyone, with the Titanic memorabilia especially popular. Paddy McCrissican gives an insight into the life of the pub. Coming in third, is the 'Plough Inn' situated in Hillsborough. Owner Derek Patterson and Ronnie Allen contemplate what gives the Plough Inn its charm.

Following this, in running order are; 'Grace Neills, in Donaghadee, which opened in 1611 and claims to be the oldest pub in Ireland. Hans Arthur, the owner recounts a ghost story and Harry Allen speaks about the atmosphere. The 'Harbour Bar' is next, Paul Thompson and Pat Feeney speak about what makes this pub so great.

Rounding out the top ten, the John Hewitt in Belfast with Pedro Donald and Gerald McLaughlin interviewed, the 'Badger's Place' in Derry/Londonderry - owner Hugh McDaid shares his thoughts on the pub's success with John McAllister also speaking. And, finally, the 'Botanic Inn' in Belfast, 'Thatch Inn' Broughshane and 'Blakes of the Hollow' in Enniskillen.


The series features ten guides to Northern Ireland, as chosen by local people. The previous series was the most watched regional programme in the entire ITV Network.  


Presented by Frank Mitchell.

A Televisionvisionary production for UTV.



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