Ultimate Ulster: Favourite UTV Moment

Ultimate Ulster: Favourite UTV Moment

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Belfast, Strabane, UTV




Transmission 04/07/2011


22min 35sec







Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

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In this episode of Ultimate Ulster, presenter Frank Mitchell runs the audience through the public's choices for the Top Ten moments of UTV from the last fifty years.

Amongst the nation's most voted for UTV moments is Ivan Little's on-camera stumble, as he tries and fails to pronounce 'phenomenon'! Also featured is presenter Jackie Fullerton's memorable - and painful - encounter with British wrestler Giant Haystacks. Maureen Toland from Lisburn speaks about how this moment reminds her of earlier times, when the whole family would gather around and watch a television programme together.

The signing of the Good Friday Agreement (10th April 1998) also stands out for viewers, with Roisin McDonough articulating what the moment meant to her; political editor, Ken Reid, also gives commentary on the event.

Also included, the moment when Mike Nesbitt and Lynda Bryans - his wife and co-presenter - announced her pregnancy during a broadcast of UTV Live. Nesbitt himself comments on the episode, with Alison Magill from Ballygowan sharing her amazement that they decided to share the news so publicly.

The Gerry Kelly Show ran for seventeen years, hosting international guests and providing myriad memorable moments. Viewer Robert Brown explains why the programme resonated with so many viewers. UTV continuity presenter, Jullian Simmons and his Corrie intros, are another popular choice. Fan Ross Tilley provides a vibrant impression of Simmons.

On a more sombre note, George Best's funeral on the 3rd Dec 2005, struck a chord with many. Linfield FC manager, David Jeffrey talks about how Best made an impact on his life and Eamonn Holmes discusses the responsibility that came with hosting the funeral.

Other moments to make the Top Ten, include children's programmes School Around the Corner and Romper Room and the classic interview with 'The Man from Strabane'.


The series features ten guides to Northern Ireland, as chosen by local people and the previous series were the most watched regional programmes in the whole of the ITV Network.  


Presented by Frank Mitchell.

A Televisionvisionary production for UTV.



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