Digital Film Archive call for submissions

Digital Film Archive call for submissions

Date: 29/07/2015 12:01

Northern Ireland Screen is expanding its Digital Film Archive and wants to hear from members of the public who own cine film made in, or about Northern Ireland.

Over time cine film deteriorates and the Digital Film Archive project aims to capture, digitise and preserve film material, ensuring that Northern Ireland’s screen heritage is safeguarded for future generations.

The work of amateur film-makers is a vital part of the collection and one we wish to add to. We are interested in films that:

- Show Northern Ireland locations that have remained unchanged or are wholly transformed; or that explore people’s lives at a particular location

- Covers an important subject or event in history

- Displays exceptional filming technique

- Tells the story of amateur films in Northern Ireland

An example of what we are looking for is Street Family Film – Ireland (1958), by award-winning amateur film-maker Harold Street, which follows the Street family as they tour along the north coast of Northern Ireland 

Material that is selected for inclusion in the Digital Film Archive will be digitised and made available, locally and nationally, through the Digital Film Archive network and website. Material will also be used for a variety of educational and outreach purposes. All uses will be non-commercial.

Films added to the Digital Film Archive may also be selected for inclusion in the Unlocking Film Heritage project. Unlocking Film Heritage is one of the most significant film archive projects ever undertaken and encompasses the BFI National Archive and the regional and national Screen Archives of the UK. The combined archives have produced a wealth of material that is now available to view via the BFI Player as part of its Britain on Film project.

If you have cine film material that you think would be of interest please contact Francis Jones, Archive Education Officer with details of the material you own, providing as much information as possible: format of the film(s), location(s), date and subject matter.  

Email:,  Tel: 028 9026 8577 

Closing date for submissions is 5pm 19th August 2015.