Good Relations Week 2020

Good Relations Week 2020

Date: 10/09/2020 09:31

Congratulations to the Community Relations Council, who are celebrating 30 years of connecting communities. For this year’s Good Relations Week, 14-21 Sept 2020, we have been working with them to select some programmes from the Digital Film Archive that showcase and celebrate the work of people and communities in creating and sustaining good relations in Northern Ireland during that period. While these programmes reflect on what has already happened, they also represent a valuable asset to those who continue to build on that foundation with groups and communities, showing change over time and providing a starting point for new conversations about the future of good relations in Northern Ireland. Here is a list of our choices.

Counterpoint: Ireland Fund (1988)

Highway: The Tall Ships (1991)

A Loving Look At Belfast Part 1 (1991)

Beyond the Troubles (1994)

Counterpoint: Women Talking (1995)

Speak Your Piece (1996)

Pathways to Peace and Reconciliation Action Plan (1999)

A Sense of Belonging -Episode 1 (2005)

Homelands to Townlands: Italian (2008)

Homelands to Townlands: Jewish (2008)

Homelands to Townlands: Chinese (2008)

Homelands to Townlands: Indian (2008)

Homelands to Townlands: Newcomers (2008)

To find out more about them, see our online event here