Halloween Vault of Horror

Halloween Vault of Horror

Date: 30/10/2015 12:58

Come dear friends and gentle hearts and join us on this, the eve of All Hallows Eve, as we delve into the darkest corners of the Digital Film Archive and present four of our most frightening films for your delectation.

Featured are films about the supernatural and monsters, of horror and ceramic ducks, "stories to chill your blood, tales to run fingers of fear up and down your spine".

So, turn out your lights, pull the curtains and be very afraid for here be monsters.

First-up, a tale of a creature most abhorrant, with1964's The Tomb of Frankenstein, a production from The Spence Brothers. Twin filmmakers from Comber, The Spence Brothers' work is steeped in the history of classic horror, drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as the productions of Hammer Film, the Italian gothic of Black Sunday (1960) and iconic horror film magazine, Famous Monsters of Filmland.

What makes these films so unique is their melding of horror staples and the distinctly Northern Irish, be it in the use of locations, or actors, as in The Coming of The Black Dawn, a 1965 production that nods to the work of H.P. Lovecraft.

Next, we have Mortice (1999). Part of the Premiere Film series, this short is a fiendish cocktail of horror and black comedy that should entertain and alarm in equal measure.

And, to conclude, Midnight Dance (1997), a gloriously ghoulish animation inspired by the medieval allegory, Danse Macabre and set to the music of Camille Saint-Saëns.