12th of July in Portrush

12th of July in Portrush

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12th of July celebrations in Portrush, as Orangemen, bands and supporters parade through the seaside resort.

A thronged Portrush is the site of the annual 12th of July celebrations to mark the victory of Protestant King William of Orange over Catholic King James II at the Battle of the Boyne (1690). A procession of Orange lodges parade through streets bedecked with British flags and bunting. Banners commemorating the historic events are held aloft whilst bandsmen play their instruments.

This film was digitised as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage project 


These rushes are amongst a wealth of footage that was generated by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. Amongst the lodges represented are those of Edenmore, Ballykelly and ex-servicemen.

Digitised as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage Project  

Shot List

00:00-00:02 Orange lodges parade, men carrying banner of William of Orange, down Portrush street, bagpipers play as people look on from street, gardens, and balconies. 00:03-00:08 Men march, enthusiastically playing bassdrums, small crowd along road watches as men with orange sashes and flat caps follow drummers. 00:08-00:17 Men carry banner reading Edenmore True Blues LOL No 644 with King Billy on white horse down less populated street, few onlookers. 00:18-00:25 Street with houses on one side green field on other, large parade of men march, few look on, car with number plate OZ 4878 parked at side of road. 00:26-00:32 Drummers in uniform march behind leader, banner on which is written Ballykelly LOL no 699 is being carried, along street with houses with corrugated metal roofs and siding and green trim, group of women walk along with parade, others walk in opposite direction. 00:33-00:40 Looking down onto open field with buildings in background, Union Jack flies as crowd gathers. 00:41-00:43 Looking down at a grassy field, possibly near Royal Portrush Golf Club,  black van parked, mostly male crowd mingles on field that is littered with paper. 00:44-00:45 Jump cut to section of field with white tent, and lorry piled high boxes. 00:46-00:48 Three storey grey buildings line field where tents have been erected, men and women mingle. 00:49-00:52  Field lined by houses, with cars driven onto it and a gathering of people below Orange lodge banners. 00:53-00:55 Members of Orange lodges stand grouped around banners. 00:56-01:02 Stage erected in field with canvas roof billowing as speech is given small crowd looks on. 01:03-01:08 Stage from slightly further back in crowd. 01:09-01:19 Large number of Orange Lodge members grouped around banners, wearing suits. 01:20-01:24 Houses that line field. 01:25-01:42 Parade of Orange lodge pipers fill the street of Portrush. 01:43-01:46 CU Banner carrying marchers go bast pus with people poking heads out of window. 01:47-02:04 Drummers and accordion players march as people watch. 02:04-02:06 Lambeg drum and flute players practice in field.     



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