Castles of the Antrim Coast

Castles of the Antrim Coast

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Archie Reid


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A film by Archie Reid. Students from Greenland Secondary School in Larne examining what remains of the castles along the North coast. There are romantic ruins and intact houses to look at.

They explore Carrickfergus Castle, Olderfleet Castle, Ballygally Castle, Glenarm Castle, Castle of the McDonnell family, Dunseverick Castle and Dunluce Castle.


Archie Reid was a History teacher and prolific film maker, you can find several of his gems on the Britain on Film map. This material is courtesy of Elizabeth Reid. 

Carrickfergus castle dates to the 12th century, and played an important military role for hundreds of years.

Olderfleet Castle was originally constructed in the 13th century. 

Parts of Ballygally castle date to the 17th century, it is famous for its haunted room, and is currently used as a hotel.

There has been a castle on the site of Glenarm since the 13th century, the current castle dates to the 17th century.

Kinbane castle historically was the home of the McDonnell family. 

Dunseverick castle is a ruin, destroyed during the 17th century, parts of it date to the 5th century. 

Dunluce castle is a romantic ruin, the first castle on the site was built in the 13th century. 


Archie Reid

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