Eire Border Check Up

Eire Border Check Up

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27/03/1944 (of event)


01min 35sec




35mm, film

black and white


British Movietone News


British Movietone News

Rights Holder

British Movietone News

It is illegal to download, copy, print or otherwise utilise in any other form this material, without written consent from the copyright holder.


This newsreel comes from British Paramount Newsreel Company and shows security measures put in place to stop German and Japanese spies entering Northern Ireland from the neutral 26 counties during World War Two.

Shot List

'Restrictions on movement across the Irish border have been tightened up in the interest of security of the North'. Various shots of docks, shows component parts of planes unloaded including Lightning fuselages. Shot of crane lifting fuselage. Towed along quay. General view of Belfast - Dublin train pulling into station. American and Custom officer inspect identity etc. Interior of train, inspecting identity. Previous to this is shot of lines of army vehicles parked in a nearby park. Guard blows whistle, train pulls out. Also of road, Military Police check traffic entering Northern Ireland. MP on motor cycle checks up on Army traffic. Another MP turns back RAF and army personnel trying to cross frontier. Source: British Universities Newsreel Project Database.


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