Fabulous Food Adventure: (Series 2/ Episode 2)



Donnelly Horticulture, Forthill Farm, Newforge House, Pastry Works




Production 18/03/2010


22min 21sec







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Celebrity chef, Jenny Bristow and former wold champion boxer, Barry McGuigan, present this programme where they travel across Northern Ireland to "forage and find delicious ingredients" to create a sumptuous feast for a group of guests. 

This episode is set in Co. Armagh with the Newforge House as todays base. First up is Forthill Farm, where Bristow and McGuigan meet Kenny Gracey and his flock of cows - which are one of the oldest breeds records and thought to be the cattle depicted in cave drawings. Kenny believes in a relaxed approach to farming and allows the cattle to roam free, they then head back to the farm shop where simplicity is advocated and marinades are shown the door!

Roisin Hendron from The Pastry Works, then shows us how to make one of her famous chicken pies - the trick is to use two different kinds of pastry and to not overwork it. Continuing their road trip around the orchard county, they meet Shane Donnelly to try his round lettuce which has stood the test of time!

Back at Newforge House, Martin Pearson (Clanconnell Brewery) explains the four types of grains that go into his beer that gives it that distinctive colour. Jenny and Barry then rush to the kitchen to begin preparations for tonights guests with the main focus being on the barbecue.


Edge TV for UTV.



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