Further Pictures of Irish Peace

Further Pictures of Irish Peace

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National Film and Television Archive


35mm, film, intertitles

black and white


01min 08sec




British Film Institute

Rights Holder

British Film Institute

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This newsreel shows the release of 1700 internees from Ballykinlar internment camp at the end of the Anglo-Irish War. To see the camp search for the newsreel 'Martial Law in Ireland'.

Shot List

'Further Pictures of the Irish Peace. Topical Budget.', 'Long, Long Trail to Freedom. 1700 Internees released from Ballykinlar Camp'. Men carrying small suitcases or bags walking down a country road. They are wearing civilian clothes. 00:29 Men wearing army uniforms also carrying cases (also internees?). 00:34 Large crowd beside a stationary train in the countryside. 00:40 Close up men and women with Irish Flag. The women are holding biscuit tins. Ground view of full train leaving station. Many men are still on the platform. All the men are waving.


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