Is It The Dawn?

Is It The Dawn?

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35mm, film, intertitles

black and white






British Film Institute

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De Valera issues his message to the world on 11th July 1921, the first day of the Truce which preceded the negotiations. This newsreel is unusual in that it consists of only intertitles. For further information see the article on Topical Budget newsreels by Luke McKernan in Related Documents.

Shot List

'Topical Budget. Is It The Dawn? Though refusing all interviews De Valera asks 'Topical', exclusively, to issue his peace message to the whole world'. 'The message. Ireland is fighting solely for the right to live her own life in her own way. She loves equally all her children and she needs them all'. 'And Oh! it were a gallant deed to show before mankind, How every race and every creed might be by love combined - Might be combined, yet not forget the fountains whence they rose. As, filled by many a rivulet, the stately Shannon flows'. (signed) Eamon de Valera July 4 1921'


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