Historic Unionist Conference at Liverpool

Historic Unionist Conference at Liverpool

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17 November 1921 (of event)






35mm, film, intertitles

black and white


National Film and Television Archive


British Film Institute

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British Film Institute

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At a conference the Unionists decided to support the Government provided that Ulster's position as part of Britain was protected. Liverpool has a substantial Irish population. Most of them nationalist but a substantial proportion were unionist. The local MP, Sir Laming Worthington Evans, was Unionist (the name for the Conservative Party from 1886 to 1922) and a member of the coalition Lloyd George government. 'Are you going to see Loyal Ulster whose sons died for you to Rebel Sinn Fein who stabbed you in the back' sandwich boards ask. This was on 17 November 1921, less than a month away from the signing of the Treaty (Worthington Evans was one of the signatories).

Shot List

'Topical Budget. Historic Unionist Conference at Liverpool. In spite of 'Die-Hards' efforts Party decided to support Government provided Ulster is safeguarded'. Line of men walking along the road wearing sandwich boards with 'Are you going to sell Loyal Ulster whose sons died for you to Rebel Sinn Fein who stabbed you in the back.' 00:18 People walking down the steps of a building. 00:25 'Sir L. Worthington Evans who appealed for Unity.' Close up of Worthington Evans.


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