Havelock Nelson's Scrapbook of 1966

Havelock Nelson's Scrapbook of 1966

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Belfast, Blackpool, Dalkey, Jersey





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Alastair Nelson

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Alastair Nelson

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Film made by Havelock Nelson, documenting his life in 1966.

For his parents’ wedding anniversary, they had lunch at the Shangri la hotel, near Dalkey, county Dublin. Got the whole family together, but Havelock is behind the camera. 

Studio Opera Group was performing The Secret Marriage at the Grove Theatre in Belfast, which presented both theatre and cinema. Behind the scenes, we see the actors getting their makeup ready. Irene Sandford, Jim Shaw and Bill McKenna. Harry Neill is on stage getting used to the entrances and exits on the stage. 

Havelock visits Jersey in the Channel Islands in November. He sees castles and harbours. He attends the British Federation of Music Festivals Annual Conference Dinner, which was also attended by the Queen. 


Havelock Nelson was a composer and conductor, born in Cork in 1917. He studied at the Royal Irish Academy of Music. He cofounded the Dublin Orchestral Players in 1939. He joined the BBC in Belfast in 1947, and conducted the BBC Northern Ireland Orchestra, the Studio Symphony Orchestra and the Ulster Singers. He died in Belfast in 1996. A Blue Plaque was added to his former home in Rosetta in 2017.

Actors: Irene Sandford, James Shaw, Daphne Arlow, Harry Neill, Anne Lavery, William McKenna.

Conducted by Havelock Nelson

Produced by Bernard Torney and designed by Rowel Friers

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