These are the Nelsons

These are the Nelsons

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Edinburgh, Larne, Magilligan, Magilligan Strand, Sligo





12min 03sec




black and white



Alastair Nelson

Rights Holder

Alastair Nelson

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A film by Havelock Nelson, made in 1952. It introduces his family, pets, and where they like to go.

It starts with a holiday in Magilligan, where they are playing on the beach.

He shows the house that they are staying in. 

We see the places they used to go to in Dublin. 

The children play with the cat and the dog in the garden, Romilly and Scutsie.

They go on trips to Edinburgh, Larne and Sligo.

Havelock includes a clip of the Queen’s visit to Belfast. 


Havelock Nelson was a composer and conductor, born in Cork in 1917. He studied at the Royal Irish Academy of Music. He cofounded the Dublin Orchestral Players in 1939. He joined the BBC in Belfast in 1947, and conducted the BBC Northern Ireland Orchestra, the Studio Symphony Orchestra and the Ulster Singers. He died in Belfast in 1996. A Blue Plaque was added to his former home in Rosetta in 2017.

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