Nelson Album 1962 and 1963

Nelson Album 1962 and 1963

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Dublin, Rygate, St Aygulf





14min 30sec




black and white, colour



Alastair Nelson

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Alastair Nelson

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A film by composer Havelock Nelson, showing a holiday with family in France.

His holiday starts in Rygate, where he stayed in a 12th century farmhouse. The children ride on a shetland pony.

They visit St Aygulf in France. They head out in the water in peddle boats. Then they move on to Gorges Du Verdon, the spring water from there supplied the whole surrounding area.

The next section of film is called Pet's Corner, and it shows Susie and her puppies. The Nelsons found a rabbit in their attic and kept it. Janet Erskine owned a farm and taught horse riding.

They visit some of the younger Nelsons who were living in Dublin, and then visit Clark's cottage in the Mournes and admire the beautiful scenery. 


Havelock Nelson was a composer and conductor, born in Cork in 1917. He studied at the Royal Irish Academy of Music. He cofounded the Dublin Orchestral Players in 1939. He joined the BBC in Belfast in 1947, and conducted the BBC Northern Ireland Orchestra, the Studio Symphony Orchestra and the Ulster Singers. He died in Belfast in 1996. A Blue Plaque was added to his former home in Rosetta in 2017.

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