Lesser Spotted Ulster: Rosbeg

Lesser Spotted Ulster: Rosbeg

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County Donegal, Donegal, Inishkeel, Rossbeg




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25min 12sec







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Joe Mahon hops over the border to the coastal parish in the southwestetern corner of County Donegal, Inishkeel, with a coastline that includes such gems as Rossbeg, Narin and Portnoo. The parish takes its name from the Island of Inishkeel, a sacred place long associated with saints and pilgrimage and where pilgrims travel to this day.

Join Mahon as he gets ferried over to the island where he meets a local guy and learns more about the place and its history. We also get a chance to take part in lobster fishing, visit a local postman and a weather diviner and learn just how much patience and skill is required in some of the local crafts - straw product making and crochet work.

Such unique way of exploring local histories would not be possible without the local people and their wisdom, warmth and wit.


Presented by Joe Mahon

Thanks to: 

Hughie Fisher
Kathleen Fisher
Dr. Lochlann McGill
Michael Gallagher
Michael Nicholson


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