Military Manoeuvres

Military Manoeuvres

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04min 27sec




35mm, film

black and white


British Pathe


British Pathé

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British Pathé

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Soldiers (Royal Irish Constabulary, Black and Tans) on military manoeuvres during the War of Independence. The first twenty seconds appears to be elaborately staged. Troops (they appear to be regular troops rather than Black and Tans and Auxiliaries) guard a sandbagged station, point their weapons at approaching civilians who clearly are informants (propaganda footage, no doubt, to show that not all Irish people supported the IRA). Then members of the security forces (they appear to be RIC, Black and Tans, Auxiliaries and regular troops) speed off in motor vehicles. Then the vehicles are halted by a trenched road (an effective IRA tactic, sometimes the prelude to an an ambush as at Kilmichael), the trench is filled in from a neighbouring dry stone wall, and the column moves on. The Crossley Tender (trick) is much in evidence. Towards the end of this war, in 1921, the British forces left the roads and moved across country which proved to be much more effective in dealing with IRA.

Shot List

Similar footage used in Irish Elections. Soldiers (Royal Irish Constabulary, Black and Tans) guarding a garrison which has a sandbag-wall around the entrance. Three men in civilian dress approach and the guards point rifles at them, in response they raise their hands. An officer comes out and talks to the men one of whom points into the distance. Soon after soldiers run out of the building and drive off in army vans. View of army vans driving towards the camera on a road. In the front van is an injured man and a soldier in the next van is waving an Irish flag. British soldiers driving along dirt road come to deep hole in the road which they fill in with stones from the nearby dry stone wall. The vans are then able to continue on their journey. There are no intertitles with this newsreel.


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