Riots and Revolutions

Riots and Revolutions

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circa 1921


circa 1921


04min 40sec




35mm, film, intertitles

black and white


British Pathe


British Pathé

Rights Holder

British Pathé

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First section shows the War of Independence. Brief view of Lord Mayor of Cork Donal O´Callaghan. Victims fleeing in Dublin - no context. British soldiers pay fincomrades killed in an ambush - almost certainly the 15 Auxiliaries killed at Kilmichael by Tom Barry´s flying column on 28th November 1920. Ruins of the town of Trim: houses burned and wrecked by Black and Tans in reprisal in late September 1920. From 02:12. The damage done to the Four Courts at the end of June 1922. This is the episode which began the Civil War. When republican ´irregulars´ refused to give up the building the National Army bombarded the courts along the Liffey. Before they surrendered, the irregulars set fire to the public record office which melted the eighteenth century copper dome. Free State troops of the National Army receive medical attention. The fighting then transferred to O´Connell Street and the barricaded windows are probably in the Hamman Hotel where Cathal Brugha was killed. Free State troops patrol and search.

Shot List

'Pathe News. Crowds must be kept moving, and clashes between opposing factions are daily occurances'. 'Pathe News. The New Lord Mayor of Cork, Donald O'Callaghan - the third mayor Cork has had in eight months'. The next title has a different design and is only on the screen momentarily - possibly as a result of an earlier edit -'Dublin, Ireland. Hundreds of victims in wake of Irish disorders - British soldiers pay final tribute to comrades killed in ambush. Pathe News.' 'Pathe News. Reprisal raids by the 'Black & Tans' continue to spread death and destruction - scenes of ruins in town of Trim'. 'Pathe News. Fleeing with all their possessions - the Sinn Fein flag leads the way'. 'Pathe News. Walls of the Four Courts Building which tell the tale of a 5-day bombardment'. 'Pathe News. Free State soldiers receiving medical attention after their victory...'. 'Pathe News. Barricaded windows in hotels which were used as strongholds by the Republicans'. 'Pathe News. Free State troops patrol almost every street in Dublin, and all the passerbys are subjected to a thorough search.' Another title with the different design 'Sinn Fein demonstrations sweep Ireland - British use tanks to quell riot and seize arms at Sinn Fein 'arsenal'. Pathe News'


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