Natural Selection: Back From the Brink

Natural Selection: Back From the Brink

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Northern Ireland




Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)





25min 10sec




Department for Communities, UTV, UTV Archive

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This episode of the nature programme gives us a breathtaking look at the peregrine falcon, which was pulled back from the brink of endangerment thanks to the introduction of legislation protecting its habitats and prohibiting the use of damaging pesticides. This programme looks at conservation and monitoring activies in the north and south of Ireland. Peregrines on the North Antrim coast enjoy a relatively persecution-free lifestyle, and so are well situated as the subjects of longer term observation. In the Wicklow mountains, filmmakers capture a broadcast first: an entire feeding sequence, caught on camera. It's not all positive, however, as pigeon fanciers and others insist that conservation efforts are allowing the peregrine to flourish out of proportion, leading to the slaughter of other birds.


Photography: Éamon and Cian de Buitléar.

Written by Brian Black.

Editor: James Dalton. 

Location Sound: Simon Willis, Brendan Deasey, James Corcoran. 

Natural History Sound Effects:  Éamon de Buitléar, Pat Hayes.

Dubbing Mix: Windmill Lane Studios. 

Camera Assistant: Frank Doyle. 

Graphic design: Trevor McCormick. 

Music composed and performed by Kathryn McFaul, recorded by Chris Fawcett.

On-line Editor: Philip White.

Post-production sound: Alan Dwyer. 



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