Natural Selection: Secret Lives

Natural Selection: Secret Lives

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blackwater, Northern Ireland, wicklow




Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)




25min 18sec




Department for Communities, ITV, UTV, UTV Archive

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This episode of the series looks at our furry friends, otters and badgers - although friends might be a stretch, given the tempestuous relationship each have enjoyed with humans. We meet two badger cubs who lost their parents in a road traffic accident, and see gorgeous footage of otters at play. We meet the Cullen family who live in the Wicklow mountains and seem to have a Dr Doolittle-like ability to understand animals and learn about the difficulties of caring for wild animals in a domestic setting. As otters are a notoriously secretive animal, we know much less about them than we do badgers. This programme highlights the need to protect their river habitats to ensure the continued flourishing of the Irish otter population, which is regarded as a stronghold within Europe.


Sound Recording: Simon J Willis, Kieran Horgan.

Electrician: Maurice Swann. 

Camera Assistant: Donal Gilligan.

Graphics: Trevor McCormick.

Music: John Anderson. 

Film Editor: Amanda Sutton.

Assistant Film Editor: James Dalton. 

On-line Editor: Mark Davey.

Post-production Sound: Colin Somerville. 

Photography: Éamon and Cian de Buitléar.

Written and produced by Brian Black. 



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