Orange Day

Orange Day

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Belfast, Drumbeg




Irish Film Archive


35mm, film, intertitles

black and white






British Film Institute, Irish Film Archive

Rights Holder

British Film Institute

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This is the last ´Twelfth´ before the onset of the First World War. Carson appears fifteen seconds into the clip in Belfast city centre, and he can be seen speaking on a union flag covered podium at 42 seconds in a rural setting (probably ´the Field´ at Belmont). Two days earlier, Carson had addressed a secret meeting of the Ulster Unionist Council and explained that the provisional government of Ulster would have to begin operating. He clearly expected civil war: ´I see no hopes of peace, I see nothing at present but darkness and shadows...we must be ready´.

Title sourced from the Irish Film Archive.


Title sourced from the Irish Film Archive.

Shot List

'Orange Day. The 224th Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne celebrated throughout Ulster with stirring enthusiasm 151-1' Head and shoulders view of large throng of people in the city centre. Parade in countryside - banner being blown in strong wind. Edward Carson giving a speech on a union jack covered podium. James Craig is sitting to Carson's right.



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