Ulster's Guardians of Peace

Ulster's Guardians of Peace

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circa 1913


circa 1913


01min 05sec





black and white


British Pathe


British Pathé

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British Pathé

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A brief film showing Lord Derby addressing men of the Ulster Volunteer Force sometime in 1913. Lord Derby had played a leading role in opposing the Parliament Bill which, when it became law in 1911, ensured that the House of Lords could only delay bills (including the Home Rule Bill) for three successive parliamentary sessions and no longer reject them outright. His presence on this occasion was an outward and visible demonstration of Conservative Party support for the Ulster Unionists Party´s measures of resistance to Home Rule. Derby appears 25 seconds into the clip. Three lambeg drums can be seen on the podium, Members of the UVF are singing a hymn - probably ´O God our help in ages past´. Ulster's Guardians of Peace refers to the Ulster Volunteer Force. The UVF was formed in January 1913 by Edward Carson, and was opposed to Home Rule.


This item appears on the British Pathé website (www.britishpathe.com) twice – once dated as 1914-1918 and as a second clip (with the same footage) dated as 16 April 1923.

Shot List

'Belfast. Ulster's Guardians of Peace. Reviewed by Lord Derby. Pathe Gazette.' General views of rows of soldiers, a man speaking through a loud hailer, he is standing on a podium. There is a stack of three lambeg drums on the podium also. View of soldiers singing a hymn. Troops march past the VIP podium.


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