Sir Edward Carson addresses a mass rally in Belfast

Sir Edward Carson addresses a mass rally in Belfast

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18/7/1918 (of event)






35mm, film, intertitles

black and white


Imperial War Museum


Imperial War Museum

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Imperial War Museum

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This French film shows Carson addressing a ┬┤Twelfth┬┤ demonstration on July 1918. The parades had been cancelled in July 1916 following news of 5,500 casualties suffered by the Ulster Division at the Somme. The presence of the UVF shows that not all members had joined up. Carson holds a 36th (Ulster) Division silver-topped blackthorn stick.

Shot List

'Grand Meeting Loyalists en Irelande. Sir E Carson et sa canne a la manifestation de Belfast.' (French intertitles). 'Sir Edward Carson addresses a mass rally of Ulster Volunteers in Belfast, July 1918. The loyalists parade through the streets of the city holding banners. At the rally Carson addresses them from a platform covered with Union Jacks. He holds up his cane - the silver-topped blackthorn of the Ulster Division - in a symbolic gesture.' Source: Imperial War Museum Film Catalogue, vol 1 The First World War Archive, ed Roger Smither, England, Flicks Books, 1993, p315.


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