Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: Family Day Out Along Antrim Coast

Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: Family Day Out Along Antrim Coast

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Antrim Coast






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Super 8



Doubleband Films


Doubleband Films, Eileen Hamilton

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The Farrell Family enjoy a day out enjoying the sights of the Antrim coast having just returned home from missionary work in Japan. Sections of this footage were included in the Super 8 Story, 'Missionaries in Japan'.


Eileen Hamilton is the daughter of amateur film maker, the late Alex Farrell, whose footage appeared in Super 8 Stories. “My parents were missionaries in Japan from 1962-1975. They were commended as missionaries from Victoria Hall, Belfast (now the Crescent Church) and had a strong connection with Broadway Gospel Hall. My father, already having a tremendous interest in photography, bought his cine camera on the way to Japan in 1962 so that he could send movies back to family in Northern Ireland and also to have a family record of our years in Japan”. Remembering the return of the films from the Kodak labs Eileen says, “There was always great excitement when the little yellow envelopes arrived back and we all gathered round to see the latest film. In later years the films were often produced at family get-togethers to show new wives and husbands the highlights of our family memories! Unfortunately, my father passed away in 1998. He had used video cameras, but not to the same extent as cine film”. The films are still important to Eileen and Alex’s other children today with Eileen saying, “We still frequently watch them, especially since Super 8 Stories kindly put so many on to video for us. I feel that as a family we have such a treasure of memories that we can now share with our children. Recently we had some Japanese visitors who were just babies in the cine films. They were so excited to see the videos – they have no film record of their own childhood. It was so lovely to see their excitement”.



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