Super 8 Stories: The McBride Family



Ballycastle, Belfast, San Francisco


1950s, 1960s, 1970s



07min 11sec




Super 8





BBC NI, Columb McBride, Doubleband Films

Rights Holder

Columb McBride, Doubleband Films

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Columb McBride and his two sisters, Mary Browne and Angela Blair, remember their father Charlie's passion for 8mm home movies. Living in Belfast most of the year, the family would pack up and head for Ballycastle each summer and remain there until it was time for the children to return to school. From the 1950s onwards Charlie kept filming throughout his life and in the 1970s he took his camera with him as he embarked on a trip of a lifetime to San Francisco. This clip appeared in Series 3, Programme 3 of 'Super 8 Stories'.

Shot List

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco followed by montage of shots including children on sledges in the snow, children in garden, man wearing false nose, children walking down the street. Another montage with children playing, brief shots of Barry’s Amusements at Belfast Zoo and snowball fights in the street. Group family shot at wedding. Children playing on swings and with skipping rope. More shots of kids playing, walking in unison as a chain and paddling in the sea. 1950s Belfast bus arriving at stop and passengers getting on. Lots of beach shots, people sitting on Ballycastle harbour walls, children eating ice cream, paddling in the sea, diving from harbour. Skyline of San Francisco and man walking through mountain forest park. Walking across Golden Gate Bridge. Aerial shot from plane looking over Alcatraz Prison. More forest park shots. Quick montage of shots from various points of girl’s life caught on film as she grows up. Various shots of children in garden.


Narrator: Maire Jones; Programme Accountant: Anne Hegarty; Production Assistant: Gillian Halliday; Camera: Michael Quinn; Sound: Paul Maynes; Music Consultants: Jim Meredith, Ralph McLean; Graphics: Alan Perry; Dubbing: One Zero Zero; Online Editor: Jonathan Fetherston; Researcher: Ben Price; Archivist: Evan Marshall; Assistant Producer: Jenny Waugh; Editor: Paul Devlin; Executive Producers: Alex Johnston, Michael Hewitt; Producer: Diarmuid Lavery; Director: Brian Henry Martin



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