Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: Fossett's Circus Visits Ballycastle








23min 52sec




Super 8



Doubleband Films


Columb McBride, Doubleband Films

Rights Holder

Columb McBride

It is illegal to download, copy, print or otherwise utilise in any other form this material, without written consent from the copyright holder.


 Parts of this film were used in the 'Fossett's Circus' episode of Super 8 Stories.

Shot List

Vans with “Fossett’s Circus” signage painted on sides driving into field with pans across field revealing caravans. (0.46) Circus tent lying on ground in field as men hoist the centre of it with pullies. (1.50) Teams of men pulling on ropes as tent is gradually raised. (2.12) More vans arrive. (2.33) Teenage girl holding puppy. (2.43) Edges of tent being propped up with poles. (3.33) Performing poodles walking on hind legs in field. (4.28) Girl holding new-born puppies. (4.54) More work on the tent as it is finally pulled into position. (6.35) Pan across field with trailers and tent. (7.03) Men tying skirting around the edges of the tent. (7.19) Equipment being unloaded from back of lorry. (7.34) Ponies and horses coming down ramp from trailer and grazing in field. (8.21) Seating sitting outside tent ready to be moved in and pan across Fossetts vans parked outside tent. (9.14) More shots of horses grazing in field. (9.23) Various shots of men moving cars and equipment outside tent. (9.43) Group of girls walking about on raised wooden entrance to the tent. (10.22) More shots of men carrying equipment into tent and securing ropes into the ground. (10.39) Open lorry and trailer full of circus performers, clowns and musicians drive through Ballycastle to drum up business. (11.23) Queues of people at entrance to the tent waiting to go in. (11.37) Clown and other performers in costume outside at back of tent. (11.56) Pony being walked along with monkey on its back. (12.09) Circus act in Spanish costume performing for the camera outside. (12.32) Clown with various puppets on strings who also lets member of the public take a turn controlling a puppet. (13.30) Various clowns walking to camera in make-up and man trying to control a horse with reins. (14.35) More shots of the Spanish dancers performing for the camera. (15.03) Various shots of clowns outside tent. (16.00) Various performers smoking beside trailer. (16.25) Acrobat walking into field and performing moves. (16.48) Same girl in different costume beside horses and then performing with boy and man in similar costumes. (19.08) Wild West act outside tent with people dressed as cowboys and Indians, including horseback riding and girls dressed as Indians dancing around totem pole. (21.28) Elephant walking along riverbank and kneeling down. (21.53) Bear walking up and down inside cage. (22.22) Other caged animals, including leopard and lions. (23.22) Pair of child performers standing in costume outside caravans.



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