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Dynamic images from Dundrod as riders make last minute preparations before competing in the famous road race.

The 1956 Ulster Grand Prix marked the fifth round of that year's motorcycle racing season. It took place on 9–11 August at the Dundrod Circuit. British rider Geoff Duke is amongst those making their way to the start. The team buses of several of the competitors and manufacturers are shown, including those of Walter Zeller and Moto Guzzi. Later, we see the riders in action, including the sidecars.

This film was digitised as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage project.


John Hartle (UK) won the 500cc on a Norton bike. Bill Lomas (UK) won the 350cc on a Moto Guzzi machine. Luigi Taveri (Switzerland) won the 250cc on an MV Augusta and Carlo Ubbiali (Italy) claimed the 115cc - also on an MV Augusta. The sidecar classification was won by the German pair Wilhelm Noll (rider) and Fritz Conn (passenger) on a BMW.

Digitised as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage project.

Shot List

00:00-00:22 Bike 21 possibly that of Geoff Duke, being worked on by mechanic, crowd looks on. 00:22-00:38 CU of Gilera mechanic working on bike. 00:39-00:42 Mechanic cleans bike with sponge or cloth. 00:43-00:49 Back of Bosch van from Germany. 00:50-01:01 Walter Zeller van with ad for Metzeler Tires. 01:02-01:08 Blue Geoff Duke van. 01:09-01:13 Geoff Duke walks red bike 21. 01:14-01:21 Front of red Moto Guzzi red bus. 01:22-01:34 Side of Moto Guzzi van reading Servizio Corse, with eagle. 01:35-01:41 Rider on bike 1 listens to mechanics, possibly. 01:42-01:47 Rider listens as blue overalled man speaks into his year. 01:48-01:58 Riders ushered onto road. 01:59-02:05 Rider 19 slowly drives along road, crowds watch as riders get ready. 02:06-02:11 Riders 7, 44, and 46 push bikes forward. 02:12-02:19 Riders line up with bikes under 28th Classic International banner. 02:20-02:27 Riders prepare, banner reads Ulster Grand Prix. 02:28-02:39 Rider 53 checks over bike. 02:40-02:51 Race begins, many bikes speed past. 02:52-02:56 Riders speed off into distance. 02:57-03:59 Riders drive by, crowds look on from behind barrier, banner reads Ulster Motor Cycle Club. 04:00-04:41 Motorcyclists drive past crowded grandstand and tents. 04:42-05:04 Men watch race with stop watch. 05:05-05:37 Lindsey hairpin turn taken cautiously by sever riders. 05:38-06:14 Riders 51,41,17,33 and others  approaching hairpin and completing turn, crowd watches on sidelines. 06:15-06:25 CU of riders rounding corner. 06:26-06:48 Riders rounding corner, 43, 51, 8, 44, and 18. 06:49-06:57 Rider picks up speed after hairpin. 06:58-07:53 Riders rounding hairpin corner. 07:54-08:43 Bikes with sidecars round corner as slow speed. 08:44-08:51 Riders prepare, mechanic checks bike and sidecar from BMW number 10. 08:52-08:59 Man in flat cap and blue overalls smoking, checks bike. 09:00-09:21 Riders on bike and in sidecar prepare to start, mechanic sits in sidecar and adjusts bike. 09:22-09:29 Bike with sidecar race begins, riders ducked low. 09:30-09:38 Riders with sidecar speed past. 09:38 Film Ends.            



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