Witness: Paul Clark

Witness: Paul Clark

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Belfast, Finaghy




Transmission 29/11/1993


23min 54sec




1 inch



Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Northland Films ltd, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Rights Holder

ITV, Northland Films ltd

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Presented by Paul Clark, this end of year round-up -before the holiday season-, revisits the reflections of past guest hosts and their thoughts on faith and community. 

Beginning with Fr. Michael Collins, who reminisces about his father, a cattle dealer, and who first showed Collins, God's unconditional love through the care he displayed with his cows. Next, Damien Gorman delivers a speech to the audience at home about prophets and prophecy.

Edna Dodds, gives her personal insight into the destruction that "the human tongue" can cause through gossip and how it effected her life. At Easter, Rev. John Dunlop, spoke to UTV about how disappointments of the past can make someone unable to face the future. Dunlop's acknowledges that this can be especially true in Northern Ireland were people can often revert back to the past, he puts forward the question of 'do you want to get well?'.

Lastly, Lynda Neilands, speaks of the value of telling our children stories, and how these stories can be a way to teach children values, for them to recognise and empathise before knowing the word for what they're doing.


A Northland Production for UTV.

Presented by Paul Clark

Other Contributors: Bishop James Mehaffey, J.J Keaveney and Father Pauric Staunton.



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